Google I/O Extended in Tokyoで学んだ事など。

Google I/O Extended in Tokyoで学んだ事などです。

Google I/O Extended in Tokyoで興味を惹いたのは、Googleの教育への取り組みです。GoogleがChromebookなどのサポートをしているマレーシアの学校での、「子供たちの目が輝いている」と言う言葉。


Knowledge Graphの出来る事が増えたのが凄いなと思いました。(機械学習をもっと勉強したくなりました)


加藤翼 2013/5/16

I was really interested in Google's approach to education. In Malaysian school where Google is helping by supplying Chromebooks and all, a person was shown in the video saying "There is a spark in the children's eyes"

Yes. The Next Generation (who are now children) making powerful new ideas will bring a bright future for the IT industry. Google, who is helping the children now, is  very cool.

I also liked Google's Senior Vice President Amit Singhal's speech. He grew up in the foothills of Himalaya during his childhood which he mentioned at Google I/O 2013. I grew up in Yokohama, Japan and now live in Hiratsuka, Japan, so he is somebody I can look up to, in a sense that you don't have to first live in Silicon Valley to be successful. He gave me a dream to head toward to.

I was really impressed at how much more you can now do with Knowledge Graph. (It made me want to learn more of machine learning).

Today was such an inspirational day.

Tsubasa Kato  2013/5/16