Memory Channel Storageと言う、なんと、RAM (メモリー)に装着できるフラッシュメモリーが出来ました。

Memory Channel Storageと言う、なんと、RAM (メモリー)に装着できるフラッシュメモリーが出来ました。

”OTTAWA, Canada – July 30, 2013 2013 – Diablo Technologies, a proven innovator in advanced memory system interface products, today introduced Memory Channel Storage™ (MCS™), a transformational new storage and system memory solution, resetting the bar for latency and throughput for enterprise applications.

Diablo leveraged its extensive experience in advanced memory channel interfaces and protocols to deliver a superior system architecture that directly attaches persistent memory to the host processors of a server or storage array. This innovative approach utilizes the industry standard DIMM form factor and native CPU memory interface, allowing MCS to be a drop-in replacement for standard RDIMMs. The architecture delivers the highest, most economical scaling of any enterprise storage solution on the market today, with persistent latencies approaching that of DRAM and linear scaling of throughput with additional modules.

"Flash SSDs boost system performance, and flash over PCIe is even faster, but the best performance will come from flash on the memory channel," said Jim Handy, Director at Objective Analysis. "Diablo is on the right path by providing a way to plug flash right into the DDR memory buses on today's servers." ”

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