Thoughts towards the future.

Hi everyone! It's me, Tsubasa a.k.a stingraze.

So I'm going to compile my thoughts towards the future.
  • I'm studying Quantum Physics & Quantum Computing!!
    Let me tell you how: I bought about 4 books in Japanese and English including Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 10th Anniversary Edition. 
    I'm using the IBM Quantum Experience to use a real quantum computer (5 qubits) to experiment with quantum gates and quantum algorithms. 
    I am taking edX courses: 
    Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures by University of Tokyo (UTokyoX)
    Quantum Information Science II by MIT (MITx)
    The Japanese books are really helpful, but since I'm from a English learning background, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 10th Anniversary Edition really helps me to grasp from the basic concepts to application. 
    I am planning to finish the book around next year's March. 
  • Reduce computer usage. I am planning to reduce my usage of computers since I think it will be healthy that way for me. I will be concentrating on physics, linear algebra, and quantum mechanics. It's really amazing that the matrix calculation I learned back when I was in CAJ has so many applications in the computer world and quantum computation world. 
  • Future, not so far ahead. I plan to take more courses online (yes I know, I'll work on reducing computer usage), and develop a strong foundation in the mathematical, computational, and quantum computation world. 
  • I will need to keep my programming skills at a certain level, so I will probably be making a few scripts per day on paper and code it on the computer using short amount of time. This will train me to become a better coder and let me maybe enter jobs at top tier companies later on in my life. (Hey! I got to have job interviews with, Google, DeNA etc. ;-) And no, I didn't get in...) Reading about cryptography / BitCoin / FinTech will probably be good too.
  • What do I want to be (occupation) in the coming 10 years? I already have that figured out.... It's a secret. :-) 
  • Last but not least, I earned another certificate from MIT on Big Data!  (MIT Professional Education) Check it out here if you'd like.



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