Man, It's So Hot!

Don't you think this summer is the hottest summer? (I live in Japan by the way)
Here's a summer-ish video I took using my Fujitsu arrows smartphone.

I ripped the CD I received from MIT WMBR last winter into my Macbook Pro. I'm listening to one of the song. I was playing with my Sigmarion 3, and could successfully connect via a wired LAN to my Super AI Search Mobile Peformance Edition. I used the Picsel Browser for it. I really like Picsel Browser (Link to Japanese Wikipedia Article), it's really good. Amazing for a 2003 technology, I must say.

Picsel Browser was developed by Picsel Technologies in Britain, according to the Japanese Wikipedia article linked above. Oh yes, that reminded me of NTT Docomo / Motorola M1000.

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Sigmarion 3 connecting to Super AI Search Mobile Performance Edition




Sigmarion 3(シグマリオン3) でLinuxができた。