Analytics + Intelligence Platform

Analytics + Intelligence Platform

I've been building a analytics / intelligence platform for analyzing the crypto-market, and it has been going well. I'm utilizing the server I am renting, and these days I am thinking of using AWS or / and Google Cloud for some of the test projects I will be working on to conceptualize my idea into a web app.

So far, the past month has been pretty busy for me, building the platform and such. I also have been reading a lot of OSINT books and related books. There are so many tools that I didn't know that existed, so I will be utilizing them from now on.

My 6 week online study from MIT Professional Education on Tackling the Challenges of Big Data has paid off tremendously, it was a very good $500 or so I spent. I am recently watching Patrick Winston's Artificial Intelligence course on Open Courseware, and I really enjoyed his lecture videos.

I think I will be researching a little bit on perceptron again as my side project, and move on to Tensorflow & other deep learning techniques / frameworks.




Sigmarion 3(シグマリオン3) でLinuxができた。