SIMフリー版 iPhone XS 256GBを使ったモバイルマニアの率直なレビュー

iPhone XS 256GBを使ったモバイルマニアの率直なレビューです。

僕は開発のために日本のSIMフリー版のiPhone XS 256GBホワイトを予約して買いました。



最初はiPhone 6s運用だったので、あまりデータを使わなかったのですが、iPhone XSではだんだん動画系のアプリ(YouTube、TikTok (試したでけです)をインストールしました。 そうするとやはり気になるのがnuroの0SIMのデータの接続速度の遅さ。

まあ、僕はX01HTが出た時から使っていますし、モバイルマニアなので、これをギガぞうとUQ WiMAXの最新端末を契約する事で克服しました。ソフトバンクでなんだかんだ1万円ぐらい月に払っていた僕にはまあまあ節約できているのではないでしょうか(1200円 (0SIM) + UQ WiMAX 4500円ぐらい + 3500円ぐらいを電話メインのUQ mobile)

1200 + 8000 = 9200円。そんなに変わらないって?
年間、800円 x 12 = 9600円ですよ!

まあ、想定外のデータの遅さなどによりUQ WiMAXを契約する事になり、コストがかかっていますが、まあいいのかなと。

また、WiFi系はギガぞうを契約しておくのは僕にとってはマストです。 (さっとwi2とかwi2 premiumに切り替わるので、本当に便利ですよ!)

iPhone XSをフルポテンシャルで使うのなら、やはりキャリアモデルの方が簡単かもしれません。

From Bangkok バンコクから世界へ2018年12月


Travel and Stuff.

So, these days, I've been going back and forth from Tokyo to my hometown. It's been pretty hectic these days, but I am in one piece. I am trying to figure out to program a firewall. I will report here how it goes and stuff.

I put a glass film (by Japanese technology) on my iPhone XS. It is looking very good. It is an insurance for me against accidentally dropping it.

I got a present from Starbucks today, a can with many stickers!
It's already the second day of December here in Japan.... Have a good day / night wherever you are!

Mac - Yosemite 11in. early 2015 相性報告

Spec Mac - Yosemite 11in. early 2015
 - - - - -

BTG11 Seriesとはあまり相性が良くない。

Long time no post.

Just checking in. Went to Akiba yesterday and made a new friend there.

November 2nd, 2018

So, new stuffs I did today:

    - Did some sports at batting center (I'm a left batter, right thrower)     - Did a little hard type (metal frame) basketball shooting. Miserable results.... lol. But of course, a lot of balls got in, but it was soo friggin less than the highest score.
I'm going to meet with an old friend soon. I can't wait. haha, it's been like 11 years? Hmm... I am getting old although I try not to notice it.


It's already November.

So, it's been pretty busy for me these days.
Things are looking bright. I hope it stays that way. haha

It's night time here in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Japan.
I finally bought a new small plastic skate board, you know those from PENNY type.


NISSAN GLOBAL HQ - September 9th, 2018

Went again today. It was different from the previous time.


Formula E in NISSAN GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS GALLERY Taken today, 8/27/2018
Don't you think it's very cool?

Makes me want to buy their stock again.






勉強の仕方: 米長邦雄 羽生善治 著
新聞大学:外山滋比古 著



Elecom M-BT12BRが富士通 arrows M04 premiumで動いた。

動作報告です。 Elecom M-BT12BRが富士通arrows M04 premiumで動きました。 Sony Tablet Pでも動きましたよ。(Android 4.0) 下のスクリーンショットではカーソルが表示されていませんが、実機では表示されました。

Amazing servo controlled Robots by Kondo Kagaku (Video)

Amazing servo controlled Robots on display in Maker Faire Tokyo 2018.

H.A.W.X. 2 - Russian Mission - [PS3 - 1st Gen Japanese]


Man, It's So Hot!

Don't you think this summer is the hottest summer? (I live in Japan by the way)
Here's a summer-ish video I took using my Fujitsu arrows smartphone.

I ripped the CD I received from MIT WMBR last winter into my Macbook Pro. I'm listening to one of the song. I was playing with my Sigmarion 3, and could successfully connect via a wired LAN to my Super AI Search Mobile Peformance Edition. I used the Picsel Browser for it. I really like Picsel Browser (Link to Japanese Wikipedia Article), it's really good. Amazing for a 2003 technology, I must say.

Picsel Browser was developed by Picsel Technologies in Britain, according to the Japanese Wikipedia article linked above. Oh yes, that reminded me of NTT Docomo / Motorola M1000.

#hiratsukagood #summer #veryhot #Japan Tsubasa Katoさん(@stingraze)がシェアした投稿 - 2018年 7月月22日午後11時20分PDT

7/22/2018 - Log

I did some work today, listing one item on eBay.
Other than that, I spent some hours fiddling and maintaining my Parallella. It's good.

Just a note: apt list on Ubuntu changed from vivid to xenial fixed things.


So the past few weeks, I have been busy with some things. I'm hoping that will go well.

Next off, some of my trade tactics worked quite well, I will have to plan the next move soon. I'm going to decide if I want to go to Tokyo or not, I'm not too sure because the weather is VERY hot today.

See you later!

Switched to UQ Mobile

I switched to UQ Mobile today and got Fujitsu Arrows M04 Premium.The smartphone is quite basic, but I like the vibrator, it is better than my Xperia Z5.

Toricomail in action! (Video)

I wonder how many people are using Toricomail today (2018).
I got it in new condition, so I'm pretty happy about that. There's a vodafone version of it that was sold in UK. That's pretty cool.

Be sure to visit my PDA site too!

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You ( cover by J.Fla )

Somehow in my mind now.

Topic of the Day

Topic of the Day:

Kodak & Blockchain for image theft prevention:


I am recently working on plans for a search engine that will utilize blockchain and distributed web crawlers. I will be working on it from now onwards.




加藤 翼

SuperAI Search Admin





屋台で牛肉麺(ニューローメン)を食べたり、 台南を1時間半ぐらい歩いたり。






Taiwan Pictures!

So, I came back from Taiwan yesterday.
It was very hot & humid, but was very exciting and beautiful. I liked the people very much, they were all kind. I went to Kaohsiung and Tainan from June 12th to 16th.

Here's a quick video I made and uploaded on YouTube.


So, I'm going to Taiwan tomorrow.
 I'm very excited, and want to see the difference and similarities between Taiwan and Japan.

I'll post pictures of Taiwan on this blog and other blogs as well.

Misfit Vapor Google Play音声検索 (動画)


Exen Mini Test with a Vibration Motor

Well, I am in the process of making a robot that moves with vibration motor, and I tried a test with Exen Mini today. Here's the video of it. I used a breadboard I bought in Akizuki Denshi in Akihabara.

Went to Harvard Art Museums

I went to Harvard Art Museums today, and the collections were superb. The only disappointment I had was that Gogh’s painting was being lent out. I got a couple books at the MIT Coop as well.

Harvard Bridge 4/18/2018


Pictures From This Morning

Pictures I took this morning at Shonandaira, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Japan.




徳島への旅 stingraze 2018 March

New Video on YouTube! - My Tokushima Trip Video #2

Playing with Lorenz Attractor on XPERIA Z5

I was playing with Lorenz Attractor on XPERIA Z5 using an app called ChaoticApp2. It is very well made, I highly recommend it.

Made a Slideshow of Cars at Nissan Global HQ in Yokohama Japan

I made a Slideshow of Cars at Nissan Global HQ in Yokohama Japan!

Nissan GT-R R-35 at Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery

Nissan GT-R R-35 at Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery
Taken by Tsubasa Kato 3/15/2018

Adventures with Cozmo Series - Part 1: Cozmo Plays / Lifts with Cube


Shonandaira (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Japan) short clip with GoPro HERO 5 Ses...

This is a short clip I made with GoPro HERO 5 Session + chest strap (official). Enjoy!

Shonandaira this morning.

Shonandaira this morning.
I find this place very comforting.

GoPro HERO 5 Session - test with PS4 Pro + BRAVIA TV


Exen Mini in action (Just arrived from UK) 2018

Here's the Exen Mini (Previously Atom X1) that arrived from UK the other day.

Cozmo almost falls off the table!


みなとみらいの船 Yokohama Minato Mirai Ships - February 26th, 2018

I took a short video of ships in lovely weather this afternoon using SONY XPERIA Z5.

The location was in Yokohama Minato Mirai. Enjoy! ~Tsubasa Kato

Search Results Summarizer Demo Video

This is a search results summarizer demo that shows search results for a query as one short summary.
It can be used to make information of returned description be more compact and easy to read.
It can also be used as a information compression technique to improve search by extracting only the essence of search results.
(C)Tsubasa Kato 2018

Actual working demo:
SuperAI Search at:

Watching MIT AGI course taught by Ray Kurzweil

Watching MIT AGI course taught by Ray Kurzweil right now in Starbucks.
I am really thankful for this course that is open to the public.

World Community Grid liked my photo on twitter! :)

World Community Grid liked my photo on twitter! :)
I've been computing World Community Grid and Einstein@Home on my 7th generation Core i5 Ubuntu 16.04 box recently, and the official World Community Grid twitter account liked my post. :)

The box is equipped with pretty powerful GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. It computes Einstein@Home in about 10-11 minutes (CUDA work).

Video of the Day: 打上花火/DAOKO × 米津玄師(Covered by コバソロ & 春茶 & 伊礼亮)



I've been doing some things recently, there are two domain names I registered, summarize.life and another one.

I'm going to be building a summarizer site web app.

I'm studying a lot of arbitrage related stuff too...
I discovered ArbMatrix. I think I will try it out soon.

*note for ongoing project
Note to self: https://www.coinigy.com/bitcoin-api/

Analytics + Intelligence Platform

Analytics + Intelligence Platform

I've been building a analytics / intelligence platform for analyzing the crypto-market, and it has been going well. I'm utilizing the server I am renting, and these days I am thinking of using AWS or / and Google Cloud for some of the test projects I will be working on to conceptualize my idea into a web app.

So far, the past month has been pretty busy for me, building the platform and such. I also have been reading a lot of OSINT books and related books. There are so many tools that I didn't know that existed, so I will be utilizing them from now on.

My 6 week online study from MIT Professional Education on Tackling the Challenges of Big Data has paid off tremendously, it was a very good $500 or so I spent. I am recently watching Patrick Winston's Artificial Intelligence course on Open Courseware, and I really enjoyed his lecture videos.

I think I will be researching a little bit on perceptron again as my side project, and move on to …

I took the plunge and bought the 2017 13inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar!

I took the plunge and bought the 2017 13inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar!
I'm planning to make it a dev machine for AI and trying Sony Neural Network Console. This article is interesting to me (Japanese) 

iPhone X Ad in Dubai

iPhone X Ad in Dubai that my dad took when he stopped there on his way to Turkey on January, 2018.